Is Subharti’s University Degree Valid for Government Jobs?


In the competitive landscape of government jobs, the validity and recognition of a university degree play a pivotal role. Subharti University, a prominent institution offering a range of programs, often raises questions about the acceptance of its degrees in the realm of government employment. In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of Subharti University degrees and assess their validity for securing government jobs.

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Understanding Subharti University

Before we delve into the government job aspect, let’s understand the university itself. Subharti University, located in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has been offering a diverse array of programs, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as professional courses. Established in 2008, the university has expanded its academic portfolio, attracting students from various regions.

University Accreditation

One of the primary factors influencing the recognition of a university’s degrees is accreditation. Accreditation ensures that an institution meets certain academic standards, assuring the quality of education provided. Subharti University is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), a regulatory body for higher education in India. This accreditation is a positive indicator of the university’s commitment to maintaining academic standards.

UGC Recognition and Government Jobs

Government job eligibility criteria often specify that the candidate must possess a degree from a UGC-recognized university. As Subharti University falls under this category, its degrees fulfill this basic criterion. However, it’s essential to note that government job requirements can vary, and candidates are advised to thoroughly check the specific eligibility criteria for the positions they are interested in.

Swami Vivekanand Subharti University (SVSU) Distance Education
NH-58, Delhi-Haridwar Bypass Road,Meerut-250005
Approved By: UGC & DEC

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Industry Relevance of Subharti University Degrees

The credibility of a university’s degrees also depends on their relevance and acceptance in the industry. Subharti University offers a range of programs in fields such as arts, science, commerce, management, and more. To assess the industry relevance, it’s crucial to examine the success stories of Subharti University alumni in both public and private sectors.

Success Stories and Alumni Achievements

A thorough analysis of the accomplishments of Subharti University alumni can provide insights into the practical applicability of the degrees in the job market. By featuring success stories of individuals who have secured government jobs with degrees from Subharti University, prospective students can gain confidence in the value of the education provided.

Government Jobs and Specific Degree Programs

Certain government positions may have specific educational requirements. For instance, engineering or technical roles may necessitate degrees from institutions with accreditation from specialized bodies. In the case of Subharti University, understanding the alignment of its degree programs with the prerequisites of various government jobs becomes crucial.

Exploring Subharti University's Outreach and Collaborations

The extent of a university’s outreach and collaborations with government bodies, research institutions, and industry partners can also impact the recognition of its degrees in the government sector. Subharti University’s initiatives in fostering partnerships and collaborations may shed light on its commitment to producing graduates who meet the evolving needs of the job market.

Number of Courses

Challenges and Controversies:-

No university or college is untouched by challenges and controversies. It is essential to address any concerns or controversies associated with Subharti University that may impact the perception of its degrees, especially in the context of government job applications. This may include issues related to academic standards, faculty qualifications, or any legal matters.

Legal Validity and Affiliation:-

Ensuring the legal validity and affiliation of Subharti University is a critical aspect. It’s essential to confirm that the university operates within the legal framework defined by regulatory bodies. Any deviation from these norms can have repercussions on the recognition and acceptance of its degrees in government jobs.


In conclusion, Subharti University’s degrees can be considered valid for government jobs, provided certain criteria are met. The university’s UGC recognition, industry relevance, success stories of alumni, and legal standing all contribute to the credibility of its degrees. Prospective students must conduct thorough research, stay informed, and make decisions based on their career goals and the specific requirements of the government positions they aspire to. Ultimately, a Subharti University degree can serve as a stepping stone towards a rewarding career in the public sector.

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